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Moritaka Nakiri 165 mm Hand-forged Polished

Moritaka Nakiri 165 mm Hand-forged Polished

  • Handgeschmiedetes Nakiri mit 165 mm Klinge.
  • Dieses typisch traditionelle Japanmesser wird bevorzugt zum Gemüse und Kräuterschneiden benutzt.
  • Ein Messer für Kenner der Messerschmiedekunst Japans.
  • Item no.: AB43705
    Manufacturer: Moritaka (Show other products)
    Category: Cooking Knives
    Country & Region:
    Llengths: 165 mm
    Product weight: 0,14 kg
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    Small, traditional handmade knife series from the master blacksmith Moritaka in Kumamoto, Japan.

    Traditionally , " black forged " chef's knife. Here , the scale layer is left on the blade in its original condition and not polished away like in other knives.
    Embedded in two layers of the soft iron core of the blade is made ??of extremely hard non-stainless Aogami II steel . Cooking is art which can only be accomplished whent he right tools are at hand such as the Nakiri knife from Japan. With this knife you can finely cut herbs and vegetables. The blade is 165mm long and the handle fits well in your hand. The Nakiri knife is from the Moritaka company in Japan, known for its traditionally hand crafted knives. Try it for your self and your too will love the quality and will not want to be without one.
    Each Moritaka chef's knife has its own individual character. It is a distinctive
    unique piece - a masterpiece of tradition and craftsmanship


    Total length:
    Blade Length:
    Blade thickness:
    Blade material:
    Handle material:
    Blade cut:

    305 mm
    165 mm
    4-1 mm tapering
    Aogami II
    rose wood
    140 g
    Both sides

    Please note that the knife can have differences in dimensions and appearance .

    Through our direct import from Japan we can offer this unique series of knives for the best price .



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